He is Good.


God’s plan is always good. That’s something that I am trying to remember  lately.

Even when,

Christina Grimmie was shot and killed at her concert last night.

There’s going to be a Trump vs. Clinton election this year.

I just turned down the only job offer I’ve gotten.

My pups can sit on command, but they still pee in the house.

There’s way too much poverty, violence, war, oppression and hate in the world.

There are so many “Lord, help me” prayers going on right now.

Really, I don’t understand His plan at all. But I know that it is good because He is good.

He is so, so good.

And maybe we don’t see His goodness in the mundane, horrible and unexpected things.
I know I don’t always.

But we see His goodness in His love, mercy and grace. In His death on the cross to save us from darkness. In His provision. In His blessings. In His creation. In His word. In His people.

And I am thankful for that. Oh so thankful.

It is easy to see His goodness in the good and lovely moments. It isn’t in the not so good moments, but we have to see it in those moments too because His goodness is unchanging. His goodness is always holy no matter what is happening.

Trusting the Lord and His timing and plan is hard and not something I’m good at. I’m not going to pretend that I am sitting here not worried about life. Because I am. But because I know that He is good, I am trying so hard to trust Him.

So trust Him no matter how difficult it is. Trust Him no matter how confused you are. Trust Him even if you think He’s wrong and your plan is better. Trust Him.

This song is always on my heart, but especially today…

“Let the King of my heart
be the mountain where I run
The Fountain I drink from
Oh He is my Song
Let the King of my heart
be the shadow where I hide
the ransom for my life
Oh He is my Song

You are good good ohhh
You are good good ohhh
You are good good ohhh
You are good good ohhh

Let the King of my heart
be the wind inside my sails
The anchor in the waves
Oh He is my Song
Let the King of my heart
be the fire inside my veins
the echo of my days
Oh He is my Song

You are good good ohhh
You are good good ohhh
You are good good ohhh
You are good good ohhh

You’re never gonna let me down
You’re never gonna let me down
You’re never gonna let me down
You’re never gonna let me down
You’re never gonna let me down
You’re never gonna let me down
You’re never gonna let me down
You’re never gonna let me down”

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! (Psalm 107:1)


Guns are not more important than people.

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I don’t know when precious guns became more important than actually precious human lives, but I don’t like it. I don’t know when my life became more important than a potential robber’s life, but I don’t like that either.

I also don’t like guns. They terrify me. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t love them. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use them or own them. The second amendment is clear that we all have the right to bear arms.

Guns are such an idol, though. Why is your right to bear arms more important than people in poverty or the oppressed? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why the protection of the second amendment is one of the most fought for issues. Why not the basic rights for those who don’t have any? Food for the hungry? Maybe homes for the homeless? I don’t get it.

And I am absolutely exhausted from hearing about gun violence. Exhausted. And angry. Heartbroken. Confused. Shocked. Dismayed. Depressed.

There’s already been 135 gun deaths in 2016.

Since 2011, there has been a public mass shooting every 64 days.

As President Obama recently pointed out, America is not the only country with violent people, and we are not more prone to violence than other countries. But we are the only advanced country that has mass violence at this scale. And apparently we don’t care. Because when moves are made to try to decrease the violence, we lash out and firmly say no because we’re scared of our precious guns being taken away.

Maybe it’s naivety, but I trust people. I see the good in people. And our President said in his speech that he did not have an agenda to take away your guns, and I believe him.

Gun control is good. Stricter laws on background checks is good. While it will not completely erase gun violence. It will save some lives. And some is better than none.

And “locking away all of the criminals, thugs and bad guys” is not going to more effectively solve the problem than gun control laws.

While I don’t like that mental health care was considered beside gun control like they are one in the same, I am glad that more funding is going to mental health. I find it troubling that the stigma of mental illness is automatically associated with violence, but  many suicides are committed with guns and some gun owners are haunted by mental illnesses that make them violent meaning they probably shouldn’t own guns. Regardless though, mental health is something that desperately needs more attention, and I’m ecstatic that it’s getting some.

Also, guns do need to be safer. Far too many people, children in particular, die from accidental gun injuries. This is a combination of unsafe storage and unsafe manufacturing. Both of which need to be addressed.

And by the way, guns are different than knives. They aren’t comparable. Guns were designed to kill. Knives were not. This is why gun control is significantly more important than something like knife control. People will still die, yes. Maybe from a stab wound. People will still kill. Maybe with a knife. But maybe, just maybe the violence and deaths will decline. And with that slight hope, I say go for it. Change some laws. Make the world a little less violent. A little less heartbreaking.

Because guns are not more important than people.

I don’t completely buy this but let’s say the violence is a people problem. A sin problem perhaps. Maybe we are all just inherently evil. We are violent and want to kill others. So then why won’t we do everything in our power to help limit the violence? Why not make responsible and safe gun laws so that we don’t have easy access to act on that violence? Why not make it easier for us to act on goodness, kindness and love? Because if I had a gun sitting beside me, it would be a whole lot easier for me to act on the anger I have for the person across the room by shooting them than talking it out peacefully. Even though my heart cannot handle violence. Even though I think I’m a pacifist. Even though guns scare the crap out of me.

Many times violence is easier than peace, and we are making it so easy to be violent. We are encouraging violent responses to fear or anger instead of peaceful ones. And I know we can’t fix all of this with gun laws.

Some “good people” do bad things which is why these gun laws won’t prevent all gun violence. Some “bad people” want to own guns for self-defense but would never pick it up to willing kill someone which is why these gun laws may be unfair. They don’t solve everything. But it’s better than nothing. It’s the best thing we’ve got right now.

If you’re against gun control laws, tell me what’s better. Please. I’d really like to know. But don’t tell me in the cruel and condescending way I see in Facebook comments. Like just because someone has a differing opinion they’re an idiot or attacking you. You’re better than that. Tell me how to fix gun violence, gun deaths, without throwing everyone in jail (because I don’t like that) and without gun control laws or taking your guns away (because you don’t like that). What’s in the middle? Let’s work together and figure it out.

In all honesty, though, I would be perfectly satisfied if guns didn’t exist.

And here we are at the end of some word vomit about gun control that might make everyone hate me. I hope you enjoyed.

Here’s the full text of Obama’s speech: https://sojo.net/articles/full-text-president-obamas-emotional-speech-gun-control

Education Inequality

A few days ago, I had the inspiration to write blogs on three different subjects. In the midst of finals week, I didn’t (and still don’t) have time to write any of those. But for some reason, here I am writing one when I should be studying.

  1. Adderall use as a study aid
  2. Education Inequality
  3. Ferguson

Those were the three subjects… This blog is about education inequality because my rantings about adderall probably couldn’t be a decent blog, and I am so not educated enough about Ferguson to even form my opinions on it. But you never know, you might see blogs on those subjects sometime soon.

Education Inequality.

I really don’t like it. It’s probably second place to gender inequality which if you know me at all… you know I hate it. A lot.

I took a social inequalities class this semester, and while I already knew that education inequality existed, I guess I never really knew the extent of it until we talked about it in that class.

There was this study that Jay McLeod did on two gangs in a school. One was mostly black with one white member and the other was mostly white with two black members. The white gang was extremely violent and sold drugs and were basically like your typical gang. The black gang, though, tried to do well in school, participated in athletics and other things like that. The black gang had high hopes for the future while the white gang expected to be in jail within the next few years. Within the two groups, the only member that did semi-well in life was the white member of the mostly black gang. The two black members of the mostly white gang did the worst out of all them.

Now, you might be saying that this sounds more like a race issue which it is. It’s a race, class and education issue. If I learned anything from that class, it’s that all inequality intersects with each other. I don’t know about you, but I find that scenario ridiculous. It makes me so angry that one person from the group that actually tried in school did well and that person was the only white member in the group. It also makes me angry that the two black members in the group that didn’t try did worse than the white members. Why didn’t the white members do that bad? Why didn’t the black members of the other group do as good as the white member? It’s all about stereotypes, I think. No matter who you are, we all tend to conform to the stereotypes that society has decided for us. I don’t like that. We should all be able to be ourselves without the judgement of society, but that’s for another blog.

The part that I really don’t like about education inequality is the unequal opportunities. Schools in different areas are better or worse off than other areas. Every school should be equal. Within poor communities, school buildings are falling apart, schools don’t have recent textbooks, there isn’t new technology, students don’t have proper lunch (when students are hungry they do much worse than students who aren’t because it’s hard to focus when you’re hungry), and so on. If the funding was equal, this wouldn’t be the case. IQ tests are also unequal. Tests like that ask questions geared towards middle class students who are taught in school proper English. The problem is that in lower class schools, teachers don’t take the time to teach the students proper English. Because of the stereotypes of where these students will end up, the teachers allow them to write in slang which causes them to not know the answers to questions on these tests. What if instead of: A symphony is to a composer as a book is to a (n) _______ (paper; sculptor, musician, author, man) tests said If you throw a dice and “7” is showing on the top, what is facing down? _________ (Seven, snake eyes, box cars, little joes, eleven)… Just think about it. We need tests that are geared towards everyone, not just certain classes or races.

There’s also the problem of well off children being pushed towards college prep classes whereas lower class children are being pushed towards vocational courses. Instead of allowing our children to choose their course in life, we force them to inherit what their parents did or what their situation now is telling them to do. When your family background is telling you whether or not you’ll go to college, we have a problem that needs fixing.

I don’t really know what the solution is. There are many, many different theories out there and any or none of them could be true. All I know is that everyone should have equal opportunity and right now that is certainly not the case. It makes me sad. And angry. And makes me see the privilege I have in being white and middle-class. We all have some sort of privilege whether it be male, white, middle-class, protestant, etc and we all in some way or another take it for granted. Let’s change that. Let’s not take what we have for granted because there are people who don’t have the opportunities we do. They should, but they don’t. Society is messed up, y’all. But be thankful, in spite of that.