June 30th, 2015

I’ve decided that I want to start writing every day. It obviously won’t always be on here (I need to buy a journal), but there’s a lot of stuff going on in my head at all times, and it needs to come out somewhere. I love to write so I’m going to write about all the stuff in my head. It will probably (hopefully) help out with my worry, anxiety and overthinking problems.


I found this picture on Pinterest today, and it’s something I really need to remember. I very often search for the approval and applause of the world instead of God. I’m definitely the type of person who likes to feel loved and accepted and while I always have that from God, I instead search for it in more attainable and visible places like the world and the people in it. I find myself holding back from sharing opinions or speaking out because of my fear of not being liked by others, and I’m constantly thinking about what others think of me. I think this sometimes causes me to alter my beliefs and views to match the world’s instead of God’s. And because I tend to stay away from conflict, it’s much easier for me to go along with the world to avoid conflict. Because God doesn’t really argue with me… God’s opinions of me are truly the only thing that matters though, and I need to remember that. I also need to embrace who I am instead of changing myself for the world.


I also found this picture which goes along pretty well with that. I’m all against socialization. Seriously, I hate it, but we’re all victims to it. We can’t live in this world without it. But we can definitely do our best to be who we are instead of what the world expects or wants. My Twitter bio says this is me “I’m a sociology major who loves Jesus, the Vols, baseball, coffee, dogs, nerdy stuff, adventures and friends.” That’s definitely accurate, but it’s not ALL of me. I mean we all know that we only put the good (or terrible) parts of our lives on social media. There’s a hole that we pretend doesn’t exist so our friends think our lives are perfect (or tragic). So here’s some random facts about ME. Not what the world wants me to be, but just me. It’s still what I want you to know though… But we can continue working on that.

  1. Brushing my teeth with warm water grosses me out.
  2. I’m terrible at remembering dates unless they’re birthdays.
  3. Speaking of birthdays… my birthday would be my favorite holiday if that was socially acceptable.
  4. I LOVE birthdays okay?
  5. If Lord of the Rings is on, there’s a 98% chance that I’m watching it… and if it’s not on, I’m also probably watching it.
  6. If I had to choose between saving a stranger or saving my dogs, I would probably choose my dogs, and I feel a little bad about it.
  7. If they don’t ask for the coupon, I probably won’t give it to them, and I also feel a little bad about that.
  8. One of my favorite things is receiving emails and just regular mail.
  9. Strong emotions like anger, crying, overly happy/excitement, etc. make me uncomfortable.
  10. I think big, lonely trees are beautiful.
  11. When I say that I’m crying, I’m probably not actually crying. Because I don’t cry. Like ever.
  12. I have an aspiration to do a TED talk, but I know that I would suck at it.

Next up is a post about vacation! So stay tuned for that (after I get home of course).

To end this post here’s a little something that I posted on Facebook a few days ago that I want you to remember…

Dear Person,

Because you are a person, you are valuable. You are loved. You are important. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are. I’m going to do my best to love you like Jesus loves you. I’m going to do my best to see your worth, value and importance. I’m going to do my best to treat you with kindness every time I come into contact with you. I’m sorry that social media has been filled with hatred and judgement this week.


Another Person


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