I write like a girl because I am one.

You know what bothers me? The “like a girl” insult. You know, the “you hit like a girl” stuff. Actually, it does more than bother me… it makes me extremely angry. I’m not saying that I’ve never done it because I have definitely called men “girls,” and I’ve even called women “boys.” I typically don’t use it intending to insult the person, though. My sister just acts like a man sometimes so I call her a man, but I still shouldn’t do it because it’s offensive for everyone. Socialization is a (if I cussed, you’d know what goes here). But seriously, why is it that being a girl is an insult? Because it shouldn’t be. Girls are awesome. We aren’t weaker then boys. We aren’t less talented. We are strong. For real, we push children out. We spend six years of our lives (saw that approximation the other day… what.) bleeding and cramping. And on top of all that, we are seen as the lesser gender. If you don’t think that’s strong, well you don’t know what you’re talking about. I just don’t get it. But anyway, the other day I saw someone insult a famous male by calling him a her. And I was just like… that offended me more than it did the guy who will never see it. That famous person will never see that, but every girl who reads it will think lesser of themselves because you’re using their gender as an insult. How many girls are we teaching to not love themselves by using the term “girl” as an insult? The answer is a lot. Girls feel insignificant and not good enough and suffer from extreme body image problems, and it’s because we teach them to do that. And using our gender as an insult isn’t the only reason girls feel this way. It’s because of rape culture and dress codes and objectification and sexualization and so many other things. It’s the way society exists. But girls need to know that they are wonderful! They are strong and powerful and so much more than their gender. If you’re a girl reading this, you are amazing. The white, male, capitalist system might tell you that you’re not, but you are. You can be whatever the heck you want to be and do whatever you want to do. It might be harder for you than your male peers, but be it and do it and don’t let anyone stop you. And everyone reading this, can you please just stop putting women down. Idea: If society doesn’t want to change and stop using our gender as an insult, let’s just take all of the “insults” as compliments! You just called that guy a girl, well thank you. That guy is lucky to be like a girl. The change in our mindset could lead to the change in everyone’s. One person can change the world you know… Jesus did (not that any of us could do as much as Jesus did but the point is still relevant). Small acts can also change the world so let’s do it.


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