We’re all Human.

There’s multiple blogs I should write before this one. (Savannah, I PROMISE I haven’t forgotten about your blog idea. It’s coming! Just maybe after finals…) And I’m writing this on my phone. Because it just needs to be out there. Right now. While I’m eating Noodles.

Everyone on this planet is human.

Now, that might come as a shock to some of you based on how you treat people. Some of you treat other people like they’re a piece of garbage. Well they’re not. They’re human. The same thing you are.

I’m a Christian. So maybe that means that I don’t support some lifestyles. That does not give me the right to treat people unfairly and unkindly. It does not give me the right to refuse them medical care or food or water. It just doesn’t. My right as a Christian is to love people. No matter what their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, whatever.

Why have we still not come to a point where everyone loves everyone else and treats them with respect? I don’t know. But I wish it would happen soon.

Hello, I’m a sociology major who is so overwhelmed by the amount of social injustice in the world that I need to rant and tell people about it. I could obviously go way more in depth on this topic but…

I’m also overwhelmed by the amount of work I should be doing instead of this so I’m getting back to it.

Love people. Because God loves you and so do I.


5 thoughts on “We’re all Human.

  1. My wife likes to tell me, “If we’re only ‘anti’, then we’re never ‘for’ anything”. There is significant importance in that. I think that many times we’re known as Christians as being “against” pretty well everything… Yet, what I just commented on someone else’s blog earlier was the very first command in the Bible: “Eat from every fruit in the garden.” Just before God says to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he actually gives the command TO eat – not because he says so, but because it’s something fulfilling.
    Also, my mind seems to go to a video I just came across. Maybe you’d enjoy it?

    Grace and peace, and good luck with your homework and finals =)

    1. That is definitely important and true. If we’re against something, we have to be for something else. So let’s talk about that instead of putting down others. Thank you so much for your comment and I’ll be sure to watch that video as soon as I can! Thanks for the good luck as well! I need it.

  2. I know! Can you imagine a world where people didn’t ask for money but just did things for other because they knew they needed it?

    If there was no money or greed and we all lived in harmony??

    1. Even better. Could you imagine a world where people didn’t have to ask for money because everyone had enough to survive? I’d love a world full of random acts of kindness too! It would be so wonderful!

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