10 Things True Friends Do

I quickly compiled a list of 10 things that true friends do… if your friends do these, they’re definitely keepers.

  1. When they drop you off at your house, they wait for you to get safely inside before they drive off.
    And if you walk to a door that’s out of sight, they text you and make sure you made it in. This also applies to making sure your car starts when they drop you off at your car.
  2. When you walk past them somewhere in public and they have headphones in, they take them out to talk to you.
    It’s never the awkward “Hey! How are you?” *nothing but a smile in response as they keep walking because they didn’t hear you*
  3. They tell you the honest truth no matter how brutal it is.
    From their opinions on your boyfriend to your clothes, you can count on them to be honest.
  4. They know you way better than you know yourself.
    They don’t just know the easy stuff like your birthday and favorite color. They know deep down stuff that you don’t even know. And you better bet that they’ll tell you about it.
  5. They send you random text messages.
    It could be something nice. It could be a Bible verse. It could be something mean. It could be a random YouTube video or article that reminded them of you. Or it could be all of the above.
  6. They favorite all of your tweets, like all of your Facebook statuses, and like all of your Instagram pictures.
    And they probably comment on them too.
  7. They are either all about the cuddle life or they don’t want you to touch them.
    Sleeping in the same bed, cuddling on the couch, hugging each other way too much… or if you touch them, they’ll punch you. There’s always two kinds of people.
  8. They know way too much information.
    They probably know when you’re on your period. They’ve seen your hairy legs. You’ve probably either changed in front of them or peed with the door open. You’ve probably talked about poop at least once. They know it all.
  9. They eat after you, drink after you or finish your food.
    Or all of the above. My motto: you always need a friend who will finish your food when you can’t.
  10. They do the little things for you.
    They tie your ice skates when you’re not strong enough to tie them yourself. They give you gum when you’re in serious need. Buy/give you food/coffee if you don’t have money. They carry things for you if your hands are full. You get the gist.

Bonus: They pray for you often.
It just makes you feel really good when you know someone is praying for you. Especially one of your close friends.

If you have friends like I do, they do these things and MORE. I’m so blessed and I bet you are too!


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