Crime Facts That Make Me Angry Part #1

I’ve been in my Criminology class for about three weeks now (with one of my all time favorite professors), and I kind of love it. But I also kind of hate it. I’ve read four chapters of the book and already found countless facts that make me kind of really angry (at society). So, I’m going to share them with you because if you don’t know them, you should. And they’ll probably make you angry too (maybe). I’m all about people being informed if you haven’t noticed. Also, there’s probably going to be more “parts” to this because… well, I’ve only read four chapters and been in class for three weeks. There’s obviously plenty more.

  • By the time you’re 18, you’ve seen approximately 400,000 murders (through media mainly). What. And we wonder why people are so violent. p.s. I love me some crime shows but I still find this stat ridiculous.
  • Alcohol is legal. Marijuana isn’t. Guess which one is more dangerous. Alcohol.
  • Also, the reason we started making drugs illegal is because different people groups started coming to America addicted to them. We couldn’t just kick them out for no reason. So, we made the drugs they were addicted to illegal and sent them back to their countries. (This totally sounds like I’m all for drug legalization which I’m not necessarily. I have a super complicated view on it so we’ll save that for another blog.)
  • The majority of school shooters (who were male) were victims of bullying by others calling them names such as “bookish, artistic, geekish, etc.” This challenged their “masculinity” which caused them to do something to regain that “masculinity” aka shooting people. GENDER ROLES CAUSE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS. (That’s my own conclusion by the way.)
  • The South has the highest murder rate and the highest rate of firearm ownership. The Northeast, however, has the lowest murder rate and the lowest rate of firearm ownership. (I mean I don’t want to get into the firearm debate, but these are the facts, people)
  • Thirty states consider spousal rape a lesser crime than normal rape. I pray Tennessee isn’t one of those.
  • People still think victim precipitated rape is a thing. It’s not, FYI.
  • In prison, males partake in prostitution, rape, and other such things, and we’re doing nothing to change this (that I’ve heard of anyway). Isn’t prison a place where crime shouldn’t happen? Except we let it. Makes perfect sense.
  • Sexual assaults by intimates (including husbands) are the most common type of rape. (Basically all violent crimes are mostly committed by people the victim knows. And we wonder why people have trust problems.)
  • There aren’t shelters for abused men. Only abused women.
  • There’s a higher percentage of female victims in child and elder abuse.

And I could probably go on. This is only a small slice of the things I’ve learned since starting this class. I know for a fact that I missed some things that probably made me angry, but this will do for now.

Until next time. Don’t rape, murder or commit any other crime against anyone before Part 2 comes out (or ever…)


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