Why Sociology?

Whenever I say my major is Sociology, there are usually two responses:

1) What are you going to do with that?


2) What exactly is Sociology?

I can’t answer the first one. I just can’t because I honestly have no idea.

But I can answer the second one.

the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.

  • the study of social problems.

I like to explain it by comparing it to the other social sciences. Psychology focuses on the individual person whereas Sociology looks at society as a whole. And Social Work is basically a combination of both.

Those questions are usually followed or preceded by something like “Why did you choose that?”

Here’s why:

I came into college not knowing what I was going to major in. I thought about English or French or some sort of social science, but I really had no idea. I eventually came to the point where I was trying to decide between Sociology or Psychology. I took a class of each that semester. The selling point to choose Sociology was how I reacted when we started talking about gender inequality. We watched a documentary called Miss Representation (which everyone should watch) and talked about various other aspects of gender inequality, and it just made me so mad. I’ve come to realize that I am very passionate about gender inequality. It’s one of the only things that makes me actually enraged. And I’ve also realized that other types of inequality (i.e., racial, class, etc.) make me mad too. I’m currently taking a Social Inequalities class, and we aren’t very far into the semester yet, but I do know this. Some inequality in a society is good. In fact, outcomes of situations shouldn’t be equal. We should all be able to end up at different places or life would be pointless. There would be no point in trying to achieve anything if we all ended up equal. BUT we should all have equal opportunity which is something no society has mastered. And that’s what I want. Equal opportunity for women, men, blacks, whites, everyone. Everyone should have a fair chance of being something great. And that’s why I want to be a Sociologist. I have no clue what I’m going to do. I don’t know what kind of job I’ll have. But I do know that I am so passionate about the subject that I can’t not major in Sociology. I have to. Because I want change, and I think that will be the best way to attempt to accomplish it.

And on a kind of but not really unrelated note… Everyone should watch this video. It is just so good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTG1zcEJmxY


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