10666060_963257270366559_4135336654056782983_nFootball. I love it. Well I love my Vols anyway. But I have this problem. The problem arises when the opposing team walks onto the field. Now don’t get me wrong I like getting into the game. I like cheering and “oh”ing and “aw”ing. But I don’t like the booing. In fact, I hate it. I hate when people in the stands (the student section mostly) yell things like “You suck!” (That being the nicest way to put most of the things I hear) to the other team. My main problem with this is the fact that the people yelling those things (usually) don’t know the people they’re yelling it to. And that’s a problem. For me anyway. It’s not fair to say mean things to people especially if you don’t know that it’s true. Those people could be incredible and wonderful people for all anyone knows. And even if it happened to be true that they “suck”, I still think it’s wrong to yell that at someone ESPECIALLY if you’re a Christian. As Christians, we should try our hardest to make everything that comes out of our mouths glorifying to God. Telling people they suck isn’t glorifying to God at all. There isn’t a way to defend that it is. I absolutely adore the people at games who yell over the words that put people down and instead yell words of love and encouragement. EVEN to the other team. And what’s even more depressing to hear is when fans yell discouraging words to THEIR team. I don’t even care that the people on the field probably can’t  hear you. The people around you can. And that’s what matters. Others won’t see the light of Jesus shine through you when your words don’t reflect it. They’ll see darkness and meanness and hatred. My dream is to be at a game where all I hear is encouragement. No curse words, no hateful words, no discouragement. Just love. Just light. Just Jesus. That’s all I want.

And with all that being said… Go Vols!


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