I don’t like pink… But I’m still a girl.

I can’t lie. There’s a good amount of things that make me angry. But there is something specific that might just make me the most angry of all. Or I guess it’s more like two things. Those things are gender inequality and gender roles.


                          noun \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\

                         : the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

If feminism was that simple, I’d probably call myself a feminist. But there’s a distinct line that I don’t cross. So, I’d consider myself the closest to a feminist you could get without actually being a feminist.

Reasons why:

  • I don’t like that women who are raped are blamed for it. Not the men that do it to them.
  • I don’t like that there are so many degrading comments made towards women.
  • I don’t like that everything from colors to books to clothes to cars are labeled as feminine or masculine. 
  • I don’t like that when a girl or guy only likes things that the opposite sex are supposed to like, they feel the need to change the gender they were born as. (I believe that sex changes would occur less if gender roles didn’t exist.)
  • I don’t like that men expect women to do all of the cooking, cleaning and taking care of children.
  • I don’t like that women expect men to do all of the lawn work and fixing things.
  • I don’t like that women have to shave their legs and men don’t.
  • I don’t like that men have to pay for the woman’s dinner. (Actually that’s a flat out lie. I LOVE that. I just put that in for the men’s sake.)
  • I don’t like that men walking around shirtless is acceptable while women walking around shirtless isn’t.
  • I don’t like that women wearing short shorts is acceptable while men wearing short shorts isn’t.
  • I don’t like that girls are taught from a young age that boys are stronger and more athletic than they are.
  • I don’t like that boys are taught from a young age that showing emotions is something only girls should do.
  • I don’t like that girls are taught that they have to wear makeup and fix their hair and look nice to be beautiful.
  • I don’t like that boys are taught that either.
  • I don’t like that children are taught that dolls are for girls and cars are for boys.
  • I don’t like that people can’t be themselves solely because gender roles exist. Solely because we invented them. (God didn’t say pink was for girls and blue was for boys when He made Adam and Eve. So yes, we invented them.)

Yes, I love being a girl. I love doing girly things. But I also love doing things that are usually looked at as pretty manly (aka I burp rather loudly on occasions, I talk like a man… especially in the morning, sometimes I sit like a man, and I could go on).

No, I don’t want to not be a girl. Although there are a fair share of things that I don’t like about being a girl (i.e. shaving, bras are freaking expensive, periods suck so much, having a child sounds so unappealing it’s ridiculous, and I could probably name more).

But this is my point… it doesn’t matter that my favorite color is purple and that’s a girly color. It doesn’t matter that I wear dresses rarely and that’s not very girly of me. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because none of this stuff should have been labeled as a gender to begin with. No, men probably shouldn’t wear dresses. And no, women probably shouldn’t wear boxers as underwear. But what if they do? Who cares? (Well everyone, and that’s the problem.) 

I know for a fact that I take part in a lot of gender roles. I’m not saying I don’t. They’re so ingrained into our culture that it’s hard not to, and I’m not saying that a society with absolutely no distinction between women and men would be what’s best. Because it probably wouldn’t be. I just think that a society that puts less emphasis on pink walls for a girl and blue walls for a boy would be better because it just doesn’t matter. People should be able to do what they want to do and like what they want to like without being judged or labeled as something they’re not. You are born a girl or a boy, and that’s what you are no matter what you like or do. How you act doesn’t define your gender. How you’re made does.

And most importantly women should absolutely, positively not be blamed for rape. Ever. I don’t care if they are wearing nothing. They aren’t asking for it, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. The mistreatment and degrading of women is ridiculous, and I hate it.

**Disclaimer: I am 100% aware that in the Bible there are specific responsibilities and roles set out for male and female, and I never said I was against those. I am okay with those because as a Christian I believe that everything in the Bible is God’s word and as a result, true. I am only against small, insignificant things that we’ve made into huge, important things when they’re not.

A few things that inspired this blog:



I am sure there are more, but these are the most recent ones that I’ve come across.


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